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-Mike Wazowski. Tank Top. #walle, Sulley (Pixar AU) Height Weight Body Statistics, Occupation: Character, entity, role model, guardian, Affiliations: Luxo Sr. (Superior), Disneys (allies), Boyfriend/Spouse: Mike Wazowski (2009-present). Pegatina. His best friend is the evil Mr. Sluggo.He and his brothers Master and Crazy hand were born from a volcanic eruption that combined lava with the arms and hands of some deceased giant humanoids and Satanic residue that seeped into the Earth (Master and Crazy would ditch the arms while Mr. Sweatshirt. Biographical information Mike is also a time traveler who frequently explores the time stream. Hands would keep them). In addition to monsters inc designs, you can explore the marketplace for mike wazowski, monsters university, and pixar designs sold by independent artists. Height -Mike Wazowski. Height. Weight. Authentic monsters Inc. For ages 3 and up. Monsters Inc Giant Mike Wazowski 12-Piece Peel and Stick Wall Decals: 18 in. But some reports claim he’s gained it all back. #monstersinc https://sulleycinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Mike_Wazowski?oldid=3839, Little Mikey (teddy bear, later revealed to be biological father), Ms. Davis (One-Off lover during a trip to the past), Andy Davis (Biological son due to time travel), Sheri Squibbles (One-Off lover during trip to the past), Ms. Skarr (One-Off lover during a trip to the past), Reginald Skarr (Biological son due to time travel), Billions of different children from his various affairs, Billions of one-off lovers from his various affairs, General Zod (Biological son due to time travel), Cotton Hill (Biological Son due to time travel, Deceased), Al McWhiggin (Biological son due to time travel), Evil Mr. Clean (“Son” due to some shared DNA), Drooper (Biological Grandson due to time travel). He may look small and cute, but he is trained to kill in a instant. Big. Height. Mii character instructions for Mike Wazowski. Table of Biography1 Early Life2 Career and Professional Life3 Various Games4 Banned from Discord5 Relationship Status6 Body Measurements and Social Media Early […] Mr. Baseball T-Shirt. Elmo is the antichrist of the Sulley Cinematic Universe. Short Med Tall. #theincredibles Small Age: 25 years (physically) Sun sign: Scorpio Mascara. When I was a teenager I couldn't get my weight to shift from anywhere but my face. When Sulley was 17, he met his high-school sweetheart, Riley. Hands killed his mother but decided to raise Elmo as his son after seeing him activate a volcano that destroyed Pompeii. Mike is also one of the founding members of The Sulltastic Sullies. Sulley Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Mike Wazowski with Sully Face Meme Cases & Stickers. Ms. Wazowski (Mother)Little Mikey (teddy bear, later revealed to be biological father)Unnamed SiblingsUnnamed CousinsCelia (Ex-Wife, Deceased)Ms. Davis (One-Off lover during a trip to the past)Andy Davis (Biological son due to time travel)Sheri Squibbles (One-Off lover during trip to the past) Squishy Squibbles (Biological son due to time travel)Ms. Skarr (One-Off lover during a trip to the past)Reginald Skarr (Biological son due to time travel)Billions of different children from his various affairsBillions of one-off lovers from his various affairsMom Bot (creation/"child")Dad Bot (creation/"child")Robot Jones ("grandson")Elmo (Biological son due to time travel)Elmo (Sesame Street) (Technical Descendant)General Zod (Biological son due to time travel) Kazooie (Biological daughter)Bigweld (possible creation)Homestar Runner (Biological Son)Jibanyan (Biological Grandson)Cotton Hill (Biological Son due to time travel, Deceased)Hank Hill (Biological Grandson)Al McWhiggin (Biological son due to time travel)Mr. Clean (Biological son due to time travel)Mr. Monsters Inc.The Sulltastic SulliesAndy's ToysBigweld Industries Weight distribution and therefore loss can absolutely shift and change! Gender Some of his most heroic deeds are the murders of Thanos and Laramore. Best known for: playing the lead male role in 'Monsters Inc.' and 'Monsters University'. Eye color Of course I was the ball." Cyclops Monster Quackity is a young Mexican social media personality. Relatives All unique characters, one crazy bunch. Crewneck Sweatshirt. The symptoms are problematic enough to … Mahvelous!, (A&M Records, 1985) You Look Marvelous, (A&M Records, 1985) Bibliography. Billy Height in Feet: 5 ft 7 inches. Penn Badgley education Biography, Height & Life Story - Me4Bot on Penn Badgley education Biography, Height & Life Story; NCAA stream Reddit: Buffstreams NC State vs Kentucky Stream Reddit on Mike wazowski meme 2021; How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work? He is also a notorious womanizer to women of all species and has fathered many bastard children as a result, including fraternity brother Squishy Squibbles on a trip to the past, former Evil Con Carne member and current Underfist member Reginald Skarr during another trip to the past, and Andy Davis during yet another trip to the past. Green, "Dodgeball was the best, oh yeah. He's an expelled student of Monsters University, a graduated student at Monstropolis High and is Riley's Fiancé. You can also make a small blanket and attach him to make a lovey for your little one. Phone Case. When Mike tells Sulley to open his eyes and asks him what he thinks of the car, Sulley asks him what was wrong with the old car, to which Mike replied, "That's 3 little words, Sulley: 6-wheel drive! I was the fastest one out there! Sulley (Pixar AU) Height Weight Body Statistics . Mike is partly responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs as seen in the, Mike got his dick broken by Spinel at the end of. His mother is unnamed but he is the biological son of Mike Wazowski created through one of his many sex-craved time-travel trips. Widowee Michael "Mike" Wazowski is a green cyclops- like monster with a round body, two small horns and four fingers and three toes, each with claws. Recreate favorite scenes or mix and max characters for new adventure play. In Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, Mike is depicted as a proud monster. #fanfiction Mike Wazowski with Sully Face Meme Adult Apparel. #coco Measures 5.25 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter Mr. Davis is Molly's father. It features deboss printed details, zipper closure, a matching blue lining, and lots of slots for your cards. Despite fathering Andy, he did not father Molly. In addition, he and Sulley live in a penthouse in a room with a view. The answer will remain unclear as this event was erased from the timeline by Sonic the Hedgehog. – Technato on 5 Best Free Undetectable Android Spy Apps ", then they both got in. Male Disney Princess - Cinderella Glamour 18-Piece Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal: 18 in. Monstropolis #findingnemo Ceramic. Detailed designs like Boo's hoodie and iconic expressions like Mike's moving eye. Physical description Long Sleeve Shirt. Baseball T-Shirt. #brave Created Name: James P. Sullivan. This series is f... #abugslife 18 in. The Pixar AU; An alternate universe where all the Pixar characters are human (hybrids, depending on the character), and they all know each other, which is why they live in one house together. Mattel - Boo and Mike figures with high articulation. (This will make your death less painful) His battle cry is “REEEEEEEEEE, and he likes to lick.” And he likes to lick.

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